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Top Tourist Places

Taj Mahal Guide

Hey globetrotters, I’m back with a whirlwind journey from the land of love and marble magic – Agra! This time, I packed my wanderlust and squeezed in four iconic gems within 48 hours, proving that Agra’s magic extends far beyond the Taj Mahal’s embrace. So, buckle up as we hop on a cultural roller coaster through history, architecture, and vibrant bazaars!

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taj mahal guide
best tourist places in himachal pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has some of the best tourist places and has been popular for the weather and tourist spots like Kasol, Manikaran, and Tosh. There are two airports in Himachal Pradesh, one in the capital Shimla airport and the other in Kullu Manali, the Bhuntar airport. Bhuntar airport is the nearest if you are planning to explore like Manikaran, tosh, Kasol, and Kheer Ganga trek. It takes around an hour to cover 35 km from Bhuntar airport to Manikaran.

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Sep to March is the best time to explore the state. The winter season is considered the perfect rhythm as it offers pleasant weather with less humidity. If you like to explore natural and attractive beauty like tranquil canals and enchanting lagoons of Kerala choose to make your trip adventurous with less mess. For hill stations in the state like Munnar, the summer season is perfect.

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adventure places in india

India Gate

India gate is established at the banks of the Yamuna river in the capital, Delhi. The monument was assembled with red stone and has written India on both sides at the vault. Over 70,000 Indian soldiers’ names were written on the walls of the monument in the evocation. And at the base of India Gate, there’s Amar Jawan Jyoti built-in after Independence. The time span needed here is around one to two hours.

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Trending in Delhi

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seven wonders of the world park

Seven Wonders of the Wolrd

Seven Wonders of the World park are now discovered in Delhi and also popularly known as Seven Wonders of the World park. It’s the first park in the world which has build replicas of the seven wonders with waste material like scrap iron, automobiles, iron sheet, metal, etc. For photographers here’s a view to making others brag and leave them curious with photos. Open timing is from 11 AM to 11 PM throughout all seven days of the week.

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Champa Gali Saket

The new lane in Saket Delhi called Champa Gali is the new charm of Delhi. And has proved that Delhi has never remained behind when it comes to innovation and creativity. Champa Gali becomes the top place to hangouts with friends. And stunning lane for taking pictures and post them on Instagram. It offers you a fancy look and mini seating space around like you are in the skyline of the city.

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champa gali saket
sunday book market

Sunday Book Market

Daryaganj is the famous book’s hub for book lovers to get their needed books at a low price. If we are getting it at a cheap price why not! From huge variety and options, you can get any kind of books at a very less price. With any kinds of books in these stalls like photography books, poetry, and novels are presented in the Sunday book market. To reach the Darya ganj book market the nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk.

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