Best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has some of the best tourist places and has been popular for the weather and tourist spots like Kasol, Manikaran, and Tosh. Some of the biggest glaciers of the Himalayas are the highest desert valley of Spiti, Sangla valley of Kinnaur, Chamba valley, and Lahaul valley in Himachal Pradesh making the state unique and serene. Himachal is also blessed with therapeutic healing hot springs. People take advantage of the ayurvedic therapies of Himachal.

There are two airports in Himachal Pradesh, one in the capital Shimla airport and the other in Kullu Manali, the Bhuntar airport. Bhuntar airport is the nearest if you are planning to explore like Manikaran, tosh, Kasol, and Kheer Ganga trek. It takes around an hour to cover 35 km from Bhuntar airport to Manikaran. Kasol is 31 km away and Tosh is 51 km from Bhuntar airport.

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The best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh


Kasol Himachal Pradesh is also known as the ‘Amsterdam of India’, a small charming village in Himachal Pradesh. It is among one of the top tourist places in India and a hub for trekkers and backpackers.

Kasol has located along the banks of the river Parvati. Delightful beauty of flourishing green hills. And of course, Kasol is nature’s aesthetic so don’t miss your camera as this is gonna be an inspiring and scenic destination. This hill station is a delight for nature lovers offering overwhelmed landscapes. There is no other better way to explore the lofty mountains if you are not considering Kasol Himachal on your bucket list. 

Best of Kasol

The pristine beauty of Kasol! And the Kasol Flea Market has so many precious things to offer a shopping lover. From fine art jewelry and trinkets. And also has many unique collections of winter pullovers, coats, and caps at low prices. Kasol Himachal Pradesh is occupied by a large number of people from Israel. Kasol has quite a few streetside cafes having delicious food and the stunning view that the cafe offers with the food is more enjoyable than any other sitting area.

And this hill station is very famous for its trekking trails, including treks to tosh within walking distance, Kheerganga, and Pin Parvati Pass. One of my favorites is tosh where I have trekked, it was a cherishable experience of a lifetime. The memories of rough bumpy roads with friends make the trek enjoyable. So tosh is best for those who love cold climate tranquility.

Above all the charming places you visit in Kasol. Shopping is still missing in Kasol.

When to travel to Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

The weather here remains pleasant from October to June with temperatures ranging from 15 to 22 degrees, with cool evenings and chilly nights Kasol has always been a favorite destination for couples as well. And the best time for trekking is from March to May. Sometimes depending on the weather, the roads leading to Kasol might be blocked as the temperature is very low in this season, and heavy snowfall.

Where to go shopping in Himachal Pradesh?

Here are some of the best shopping options you can hop for like the Kasol flea market with many options including charming bags, precious stones, pendants, from tees to handwoven woolens Kasol flea market has something for everyone.

Also, check out one of the best adventures of the Himachal Pradesh Chader Trek.


Finally, you planned a trip to release your stress, and if you are thinking of Dharamshala & McLeodGanj then let me tell you it’s gonna be fun. But are you confused about the best places to visit in Dharamshala?

You may also have questions like How can I travel locally to Dharamshala?

How many days are enough for Dharamshala?

places close to Dharamshala? and many more questions like that.

Well, this detailed Dharamshala tour guide is specifically designed for backpackers & trekkers like you. So Let’s explore and look at this detailed travel guide of Dharamshala in this article. Dharamshala is The most famous hill town in the range of mountains. It is more like a heaven for foreign and Indian travelers who are fond of mountains. For people who want to experience peace by escaping from the city life then it is the place.

Best Season to visit Dharamshala?

You can visit Dharamsala throughout the year, there are no such restrictions according to season. However, from March to May is The safest and best time to visit Dharamshala. At this time you also ignore the summer heat. If you are someone who loves chilly winters then October to December is also a good time to visit. If you are lucky you can best enjoy the snowfall during this time.

How to Reach Dharamshala?

By Air, Kangra airport is the nearest one to Dharamshala. Gaggal is 13 km away from Dharamshala. If you are taking your flight from Delhi it takes you over an hour to reach here. Furthermore many other airports are also connected to Dharamshala. From there You can easily hire a taxi to reach the main city.

Development has been keeping on rising in This city for the past few years, and you know last year Dharamshala was selected as the second capital of Himachal Pradesh So clearly Dharamshala is very well connected by road, air, and train to Delhi and other major cities. By Road, A Lot of private buses are there, which operate their service on the route from Delhi to Dharamshala. There are also Volvos operating on this route which provides you with a comfortable night journey.

By Train If you want to travel by train, then the nearest railway station is Pathankot which is around 85 km away. You can easily find Taxis here to take you to your destination or you can pre-book a taxi too. Also to reach the destination you can make your journey by bus from Pathankot.

Places to visit in Dharamshala?

Dharamshala Cricket Stadium, McLeod Ganj, Kangra Valley, Dharamkot, Triund Hill, Dalai Lama Temple Complex, Bhagsu Waterfall, Gyuto Monastery, Bhagsunath Temple, and many other places How many days are enough for Dharamsala? So you need at least 4 days to explore this place. On your first day, you can visit Bhagsunag Temple/Waterfall, Dalai Lama Temple, local markets, etc. On your second day just visit Naddi, Church, Lake, etc. And if you are there for trekking, just take out your whole day for it.


One of the best tourist spots in Himachal. The home to natural hot springs in Manikaran, located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. And devotees here believe this to be Holy water. There are three hot water springs considered sacred ghats, and in these hot springs, devotees also cook rice to offer to the god.

Manikaran Gurudwara is the meditative point of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The devotees consider that the sacredness of this Gurudwara is much more than any other spiritual place in India.

Kheer Ganga trek

One of the popular trekking destinations in India. Kheer Ganga is also said to be the home of Lord Shiva thousands of years back. It is mainly famous for its hot spring. While on the trek you can also enjoy the local food. On the trek first, you will reach the Rudra Nath temple the second stop will be the waterfall then the top of the kheer Ganga trek.

Alpine tents offer the camping facilities like mattresses, pillows, linen, and common washrooms. In the evening you can enjoy a bonfire with your friends as well. This campsite is 1.5km away from the main market of Kasol, you can easily reach there with any mode of transportation.

tourist places in Himachal Pradesh


One of my favorite tourist places in Himachal Pradesh is Tosh. It is a village located at the end of the Parvati Valley. Though Tosh is a small village that can easily be explored by walking around. Camping is the best part while is tosh!

And if you are in Tosh it is a must to explore Israeli cuisine and of course, a hot cup of tea with maggie with this pleasant view will be perfect.

Distance and charges

Trekking distance in tosh is around 6 km and April to October could be the time to plan your visit, whereas snowfall mostly happens from November to February.

The distance from Kasol to Tosh is 20 km which you can reach via Manikaran in 1 hour by taxi or by bus. where the bus will charge around 50 to 100 Rs and the taxi charge around 800 to 900 Rs.

One of the most loved places in Himachal Pradesh by tourists is Rohtang Pass. Check out for more travel details.

Temples- Kasol has a number of enchanting places to worship. As you set foot in Kasol the first temple is Kasol temple and the Gauri Shankar temple in Naggar. Shitla Mata Mandir in Kullu and the Gauri Shankar temple in Naggar. The Dhakpo Shedrupling Monastery is home to Tibetan Monks and is known for serving education too. This represents the Buddhist culture and philosophy. It is 12 km away from Naggar Village.

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