Chadar Trek or Walk on Frozen Zanskar River, Leh Ladakh

chadar trek leh ladakh

Chadar trek Leh or Walk on Frozen Zanskar River is the most charming place to go once in a lifetime. Chadar Trek is over the frozen river Zanskar and is a huge favorite among Indians. People get overwhelmed to see the finest creation of nature here! On the trek, the waterfall turned frozen and the frozen river surrounding mountains makes the trekking more beautiful and daring. Here the landscapes and the beauty of nature will be leaving their imprints on your hearts forever!

chadar trek leh ladakh

The easiest way to reach chadar trek, Leh Ladakh

Honestly, I would say choose air travel since it is the best way to reach Leh. And also offers you a glimpse of snow-drenched mountains, which look so surreal from the plane. As the trek is over the frozen river of Zanskar and most favorite among Indians and travelers from abroad. After reaching the airport the snow-capped mountains around you and the fresh cold air signifies the first amazing thing to have your attention. And this airport is located at the highest altitude in the world. Leh is considered the largest district in the country. At an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level and loved destination among Indians for a thrilling experience.

Important things to note for Chadar Trek Leh.

Chadar Trek Ladakh is for all age group people. But you should follow some instructions before trekking. Firstly, for entry into the trek, you must have medical certification. Secondly, this checkup will be done once you reach the people at any age group who can experience Chadar Trek. As it is fully adventurous and charming, but the extreme cold weather challenges everyone.

Important to know before you go Trekking

For trekking here are some rules and precautions one must know before hopping into. Here the government made it mandatory for the trekkers to acquire medical certification before undertaking the Himalayan Expedition. Due to the challenging weather during the trek, participants need to be physically fit. And the mobile network is not going to be available during the chadar trek Ladakh. Since extremely low temperatures at trek, and to take care of your gadgets you should carry some backup. Because you might be not getting any charging facilities, and at this high altitude, batteries tend to lose very quickly. And to click the wonderful moments, while trekking you need to save the battery by keeping them in a warm place.

For the trek on the Frozen River, the pair of gumboots will decrease the risk of slipping on ice. World’s most beautiful place to see once-in-a-lifetime. The prime time for Chadar Trek is in January or February. And the most illuminating sight of the chadar trek is the site of a frozen waterfall called Nerak. The ice sheet in January is solid and covering kilometers is easy at this time of the year.

Usually, trekkers stay in tents while camping, and trekkers are accommodated by two-man in one tent. It’s always a better option to carry some insulating fleece jackets. In the harsh cold climate, there are some essentials one should carry like an insulating fleece jacket, rainproof jacket, warm sleeping bags, gumboots, and insulating gloves. The campsites are set up in the caves and hence all the warm insulating clothes are much needed during the trek.

And each of the trek group contains atleast 6 members and these trekkers are leaded by professional guides.

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