Champa Gali is the new charming lane, in Delhi

Champa Gali is the new charming lane in Saket

The new lane in Saket Delhi called Champa Gali is the new charm of Delhi. And has proved that Delhi has never remained behind when it comes to innovation and creativity. Champa Gali becomes the top place to hangouts with friends. And stunning lane for taking pictures and post them on Instagram. It offers you a fancy look and mini seating space around like you are in the skyline of the city.

Did you know why Champa Gali is top trending in Saket?

Here’s why you will love this lane..

This lane has never failed to surprise local people with new and modern creativity. With all the art and its originality, it has charmed all locals. The capital has many to list the best cafes but here is one of the top attractions and trending lanes among delhites.

In Saket you will also find other cafes as well with the most astonishing architecture of cafes.

champa gali saket

How the lane named as Champa Gali

Blue Tokai (“Tokai” an ancient Malabari word for the tail of a peacock) – the coffee shop was established in the urban village, they brought in a lot of ‘Champa’ plants for the look. Also, the area even now has a very traditional rural atmosphere to it with all the neem trees and the calmness. Since the place came to be named Champa Gali.

Distance between Saket metro station to Champa Gali?

The distance between Saket metro station to Champa Gali is around 600m that will take approx 5-10 min by walk.

Champa gali nearest metro station

Saket metro station is the nearest to Champa gali. Saket metro station is located on Yellow line of delhi metro.

Champa gali jugmug thela

jugmud thela menu : it will cost you around 700 (approx) for two people. champa gali address : Shed #4 Khasra #258 Westend Marg Lane#3 Champa Gali, New Delhi 110030.

In the capital from Indira Gandhi International airport, Champa Gali is around 13 km, which takes around 25 minutes to reach by cab or auto. The time needed to explore the lane is approx 2-3 hours. At the lane, shopping is also the best option to go for. Liberty showroom has a beautiful collection of the second copy of amazing brands to choose from.

The new charming lane in Saket, Delhi – Champa Gali has many interesting shopping and food varieties to offer. One of the best for shopping the lane has is the Liberty showroom.

Top spots in Champa Gali with timings and cafes offerings are mentioned below.

Top cafes at the lane

Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters host a brewing sessions every Wednesday and Sunday in the brewing room. Here you will see a varied blend of fresh coffee, an amazing range of pleasant tastes of brew, and soulful music is the best combination of a perfect coffee date. The cafe has an open backyard.

It also offers amazing desserts and delicious artisan chocolates. Some of the best the cafe has that you must try are Coconut Mocha, Cortados and Banana Bread.
This cafe opens at 9 am and shuts at 9 pm. And is the perfect place for your summer evening outings.

Jugmug Thela

The vibe of this cafe will make you visit more often. This cafe inspired by the rural culture of India was before like a tea stall. And has seating arrangements under a neem tree. There’s a lovely seating area under neem trees in the yard of the restaurant and it also offers delicious shakes and snacks. Must-try dishes at Jugmug Thela are like banana cake, pesto sandwich, hot chocolate, brownie, masala chai.


It’s a non-profit store that sells products to help the needy since the profits go to unprivileged children and rural women and turn out to be one of the best in Champa Gali. And offers varieties of handicrafts, handmade ornaments, bags, shrugs, and second-hand books. It basically offers antique handmade pieces.

The Reading Room here has to offer you free books with chai, is’nt that cozy time you get to have.

champa gali saket

People Tree

This is a design studio that offers a large variety of handmade stuff including junk pieces of jewelry, organic skincare products, and books as well. And also offers hand-printed shirts, stoles, and other apparel. All the unique art pieces are present here. If you are more close to handmade material then this is the place for you.

Champa Gali Saket – With no entry charges at the place, you can get in and enjoy the beauty of this lane with your friends and family.

You can also checkout Rose cafe, that has a beautiful interior with pleasant vibes. This cafe is few minutes away from Champa gali and serves good food.

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