Rann Utsav of Kutch Gujarat called a white desert festival?

Rann Utsav of Kutch Gujarat called a white desert festival?

Rann Utsav of Kutch Gujarat is also called a white desert festival, which is organized every year in Kutch, Gujarat. And come up as an opportunity for tourists to see the beauty of Gujarat and to be a part of the festival which is very famous across the country providing many jolly activities like cultural dance, music, and sports.

The Utsav welcomes about 8000 tourists every year across the globe to see the white desert in Kutch of Gujarat during this particular time of the year where you get to see the finest creation of nature’s beauty. Rann Utsav includes colorful and exotic music concerts, folk dance, and many sports for participants and visitors.

rann utsav kutch gujarat

Kutch is a perfect festival to be part of with your family and experience the enthusiasm and uniqueness of the people through a festivity of life. With a family dinner party in the white desert enjoying nature’s absolute beauty and moments of whispering untold stories of the past and fun time with family and friends. And creating the best of memories in the world’s most-loved white desert.

Rann Utsav of Kutch Gujarat adventures

What you can do in Rann Utsav Kutch?

This Utsav offers many adventurous activities and sport to enjoy with family and friends. Sports at Utsav like paramotoring, golf cart, ATV which is most famous, Paintball if you are interested in games, star gazing and segway, etc. They are the sports that give you the most escapade experiences.

When Rann Utsav of gujrat is held?

Kutch’s fest is the three months long Mahotsav from November to February, with the shimmering view here gives you the captivating moments of this Fest, which feels like Paradise On Earth during white desert Festival Time.

And also to see the great historical monuments in the state, and to visit places off the usual tourist trail this festival is the perfect place to go to and enjoy!

Also, this white desert is the largest salt desert in the world. Gujarat tourism corporation arranges tours with transport, food, guided sightseeing, and accommodations in this festival. 

rann utsav kutch gujrat

And it’s the family vacation kind of destination where you can collect the jolly moments throughout for a lifetime. the great Rann of Kutch in the Gujarat state of India is known not only for its natural splendor but for what its inhabitants have created – The Rann Utsav. The local people also arrange some of the small programs or musicians to showcase their cultural beauty in the form of their music or art to the tourists.

Rann Utsav Tent city stay?

The Tent City of approx 400 tents, including both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned tents, in Dhorado village of Rann, is set up for the Mahotsav. The Thar Desert is an extraordinary salt marsh with a sparkling view of white sands across the horizon and which is spread over 7505 sq miles. Magnificent is the word that one could simply use and glorify the natural beauty of Kutch unless there was this sin-worthy canvas of culture, a profusion of art forms, and an overabundance of life.

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