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Sunburn Goa is the largest EDM across Assia and the most popular fest. It is one of the top festival in the world! The festival is celebrated every year in goa. It is a celebration of entertainment known as EDM (Electronic dance music). Sunburn goa celebrates dance, music, food, and artists for three days. Artists from across the world take part in the Sunburn festival.

BITS Pilani campus in Goa is the first college that has hosted sunburn on campus. Other colleges also started celebrating the sunburn festival in 2015 and welcome popular artists in college. Since then sunburn is being celebrated in colleges. In 2020 the much-awaited Sunburn festival was canceled as seen the covid situation in the country. The music lovers across the country were disheartened with the news, and the company then assured visitors to return the ticket charges back.

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When Sunburn fest started

The biggest EDM festival in Assia has a huge fan base. Attracting fans from over 30 countries across the globe. The Sunburn is first celebrated in 2007, since then it became an annual event in goa. It is celebrated with the motive to provide artists a platform to showcase their talent by the serenity of the beach. Also, the celebrities perform in concert.

The ambiance in the concert is mesmerizing and full of fans, especially in the evening which took up the festival to the next level. Where fans are very active and cherishing towards their artists. The festival took place in Vagator goa every year! And the fest in between is held in Pune for few years and now the concert is celebrated in goa again. This famous festival has International and Indian artists to perform for a large number of dance lovers’ audiences. Celebrities and musicians have been a part of the Sunburn festival. Some of the popular celebs like Shardha Kapoor, Sonu Sood, Madhuri Dixit, Imran Khan, and more.

Goa is a collection of exotic beaches and cruise parties and much more. This state attracts thousands of tourists across the country and globe every year. The destination is offering the best travel adventure, concerts, and activities that a tourist searches for before planning a trip. Goa will leave you with the best memories to cherish for a lifetime. Sunburn festival includes a team of 200 members, and 32 offices in India. It’s a percept intellectual property with a leadership position in the entertainment media and communications.

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How can you reach Goa

The distance you need to cover to reach sunburn from Goa International airport is around 46 km which will take approx an hour to reach there by cab or taxi.

In case you are traveling by train, from Thivim railway station you need to cover around 18 km to reach Vagator beach.

There are many options you can choose from, In case Indian movies have inspired you to take the road to goa. Here’s what you want to know- Goa is 1900km away from Delhi and 600km from Mumbai. Can go in your own vehicle or book a car, which is also a comfortable journey.
Or you can shift to flight, the best option you can choose. As Dabolim international airport connects all major states of the country. It is easy to choose a flight.
Also, the railway station which connects all metro cities is Thivim Station. One can enjoy the train journey as well.

Not just the Sunburn fest, there’s more in Goa. Starting from adventure sports or activities to Goan cuisine. Sunburn festival is not just about dance and music, the festival also has adventure activities for visitors like bungee jumping, air balloon ride, etc. The Goan cuisines are very unique and delicious to try like Goan fish curry, Bebinca, etc. North goa is perfect for adventure time. With lots of beaches, forts, and museums north goa has been much liked by tourists.

When Sunburn Goa fest is organized ?

The fest lasts for three days from 1 pm to 3 pm, and also provides the best food the state has. where you can enjoy food and beverages at less price, infest you can go for offers like happy hours where one can get a huge discount on food. And the venue has different snacks with many varieties like burgers, pizzas, and many more.

Sunburn festival starts in the evening and goes till late at night. And at the fest, there are many activities for tourists like workshops. Some of which are dream catcher workshop, kite making workshop, tattoo workshop, and also one can learn how to play instruments during the day. And you can choose your kind of games and activities that you will enjoy the most. The festival welcomes a huge crowd from different parts of the world. This fest is also an excellent opportunity to make new friends if one likes to make new friends from different cultures. And you might find a friend for a lifetime.

Where to find Tickets to Sunburn?

Tickets for Sunburn are available at the fest’s place and one chooses to get tickets online on the BookMyShow website.
Also, one can avail early bird offer through BookMyShow to get a discount if wanted. The fest also has VIP passes available, which offer a separate lounge with a view of the stage along with food.

The Sunburn festival is the only which basically introduced the concept of electronic music, dance, and other fun activities in India. The festival is brand new which has basically started locally and now it’s gone viral across the globe. The celebration of Sunburn has been completed over a decade with many inspirational brands and musicians. The Sunburn fest was held in December every year before 2020!

The fest encourages new artists every time during the EDM, where you can not only witness the best performance, but you also get a chance to groove as a fresh talent and can take advantage of the opportunity. Many artists of India also perform at the festival and have a huge cheering crowd in their concerts.

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