Sunday Book Market Darya Ganj is the best spot for Booklovers!

Sunday Book Market Darya Ganj, What all books can I find in daryaganj book market and at what price ?

Sunday book market is love for bookworms. Darya Ganj book market is where you can buy books virtually on any topic at inexpensive rates. A book always seems to brighten up your time without depending upon whether those books are old or new, and this market offers the exact same joy with so little price tag. Book lovers here seem to discover interesting and new books always and is the landing page for you bookworms. And I can tell you for sure that it is the best spot for book lovers as it offers books at very fewer prices and lots of options for you.

sunday book market

Daryaganj is the famous book hub for book lovers to get their needed books at a low price. If we are getting it at a cheap price why not! With a huge variety and options, you can get any kind of book at a very less price. It’s not the big book store where you can pick up books easily. Besides you have to find the book you want from the bundles of books present there. The market where you get at books at a low price so no doubt it will not be crowded here. Books are lined up on the footpath neatly so that you can easily look at all the titles. Compared to shops and eCommerce online sites where we can get the books at almost half the price.

what all books can i find in daryaganj book market and at what price?

Any kinds of books in these stalls like photography books, poetry, and novels are presented in the Sunday book market. The books for the Sunday market are collected from distinct stands throughout the week by the shopkeepers. And the collections of books are unique with less price!

you can also find accessories like pencils, pens, notebooks, and copies.

If you search around in the market you might find some beautiful books by famous writers. And even chances are you might get the signed books of your liked publishers. Starting from Lkg to Ph.D., old to the latest, and whatnot, as their slogan says “books for all” this market was established in 1964, today it has around 270 bookstalls. Sunday book market is more than 50 years old, had never shut down all time.

Sometimes you can even find beautiful books for a very low price of Rs10 here. If you are not good at bargaining you should adopt this skill, as it will help you to get your favorite book at a low rate. And carry your bag pack for your selected books to be safely carried from the market, also keep your valuables in the bag and beware of pickpockets.

Some interesting parts of the Sunday Book Market

Not only just books, but also you will find interesting antiques around the pavement like old coins, trinkets, and stationery stuff. Apart from that, clothes are also for sale and food stalls as well, to offer fast food and other snacks.

Daryaganj book market is only open on Sundays. 

Sunday book market only opens on Sundays and you can take your own vehicle to the market.

Nearest metro station to Darya ganj book market?

To reach the Darya ganj book market the nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk. The other option to reach is by bus, there are buses also frequently available for Darya Ganj. This book market is on Netaji Subhash Marg road. Market starting from Delite cinema to Golcha cinema.

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