About Us

About Us

We at TOURISTR have always been come up with adventure travel tips. Starting from the adventurous destination to amazing events in India are mentioned with key points. These are the events which are celebrated every year. The festivals and events that liked by a lot of tourists in and across the globe can be spotted at touristr.
We have always irradiated downright facts, from a journey to a destination. Most of the top tourist places in India and the places that offer adventure sports can be seen at Touristr. From ice-coated mountains to deserts, we here have all season’s favorite destinations that one can experience and make beautiful memories from. Here you will acknowledge the tips that one must know before the journey starts are illuminated here.

And we all need these four things to check before planning any tour for a better and pleasant experience. Touristr is all about presenting travelers a more relevant travel tips to make your journey and destination more interestingly happening.
Since I had a bad experience on the last visit I decided to share some travel details and much-needed information before planning any tour. Include timing, kind of destination, budget-friendly trip, and includes the things one must know.
And will be putting forward all the upcoming events and adventurous places listed.

Touristr has brought up some important travel tips to keep handy starting from

When is the best time to explore the particular destination?

Which transport route will be good for you to travel by?

How much time and distance is required to reach the destination

Why you must explore that destination?

We try to avail the travel information in a structurally organized mechanism. However, TOURISTR is always open to reviews and suggestions from our readers/ visitors. Feel free to suggestions we would love to hear from you all!

For any suggestion or query related to travel contact priyanka@touristr.in, we will be happy to hear from you.

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