Top 5 water sports in goa with affordable packages

Goa is all fun for water activities. It is where you get a whole bunch of very exciting sports which will leave you amazed every single time. That is one of the reasons, tourists enjoy the most.
Thalassophiles, if you are someone who loves the sea. Then you are at the right place in your journey to planning your goa adventure trip. Here, we have the top 5 water sports in goa that you must experience while in goa.

Goa is very famous for its beaches and seawater attractions. It’s where you can enjoy many activities like bumper boat rides, flyboarding, and scuba diving in Malvan.

And let me tell you, your Goa trip is incomplete if you are missing these adventure sports while in goa. One of the most popular and enjoyable sports is scuba diving where you get a site of water bodies. Goa hosts the best watersports in the entire Indian Subcontinent.
I must say if you are a “thalassophiles”, then don’t stop yourself from experiencing these top 5 water sports mentioned below.


Adventure sports in goa that you can add to your bucket list are here-

Parasailing in goa

The favorite amongst families, friends, and couples. It offers the best combination of thrill and joy while being easier than other water sports. Also let me inform you, that this sport offers a breathtaking view of the blue Arabian Sea. While flying high up in the sky with breathtaking and a memory to keep forever.

when is the best time to enjoy parasailing in goa?
It’s from October to May when the sea is calmer, and the winds are perfect for gliding the parachute.
Calangute beach is the best where you can try parasailing. And another beach where parasailing can enjoy is seaquarium beach and Baga beach. Other Beaches offering Parasailing: Arambol Beach, Baga Beach, Mobor, Dona Paula.

An Affordable budget for parasailing
It can Approximately Cost you within a range of INR 850 – INR 1100.

Why is this beach named a seaquarium?
There is a way to go beach via fort that’s why it is called a sinquerim beach. The Taj hotel is also beside the seaquarium beach. Other spots like the famous Chapora Fort and relive the Dil Chahta Hai glory with your friends.

water sports in goa

 Scuba Diving on Island?

One of the most loved water sports is Scuba Diving.

Scuba diving is the ideal adventure spot for tourists who look for thrill and fun while staying in Goa. And here it is very common to get to see the dolphin and other marine life underwater. In scuba diving, you would be using legitimate gadgets that will help in making your experience better and more comfortable. Here an oxygen tank with a tube will be connected to a mouthpiece. And this mouthpiece helps you breathe a lot better when you are inside the sea. My favorite place for scuba diving is Grande Island in Goa.

scuba diving cheap packages?
And the approximate charges for scuba diving in goa are INR 3999 per person. It is required to take part in a 1-hour training session before to experience. Instructors will provide the training, after which you will be all set for 12 meters down the sea.

Canoeing is fun in goa

This is a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty and also get some exercise due to all the paddling involved.
Canoeing is an excellent sport for people who love a low-impact adventure. While enjoying the wilderness of this sport you can capture some stunning views. For people who want to get on the water but don’t have the skills then, this is the perfect activity you can join. If you want to do something less demanding than sea kayaking then also canoeing is the one.

What is Canoeing and how it is done?
Canoeing is a form of recreational activity that involves paddling a canoe and usually moving from point to point. The basic concept is to use the canoe paddle to propel oneself forward with the bows of the canoes facing downstream.

Best canoeing places in goa –
In the 1960s, Goa was one of the most popular tourist destinations. It attracts a fair share of tourists. But has lost its popularity with other destinations such as Thailand and Bali.
Today you can go canoeing at several places in Goa. Goa offers many places which facilitate you with this sport.
The best-known place for canoeing is a small village called Arambol. Which is situated on the northern tip of Goa.

Kayaking in Goa

The most popular adventure sport in Goa. Why? Because it is the only water sport that can be done on a calm sea. Kayaking on the beautiful beaches of Goa can’t be matched by another water sport. The waters of Goa are calm and clean. Hence ideal for kayaking, so you don’t have to worry about getting seasick while enjoying the view.

when is kayaking season in goa?
The best time to go Kayaking in Goa is during the winter. when there is less rain and more sunshine which allows for better visibility of water sports. Other than Kayaking such as rock climbing or rappelling can be enjoyed. These activities are depending on your endurance level. Simply sunbathing at one of the many secluded beaches available in this part of India. And if you do happen to enjoy your kayak ride so much. Then it turns into an unforgettable experience, then why not get some?

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking is the fastest-growing water sport in India. People of all age groups and fitness levels can enjoy this sport. It offers a different experience every time. Sea kayaks are ideal for those who want a more personal experience and are not afraid of water.
Sea kayaking is an amazing sport with a lot of benefits to your health and wellness. It is like relieving stress and aiding in muscle recovery. So if you’re planning on visiting this area, now you know where to go!

But where to go? Here are the best sea kayaking places in Goa!
Richmond Island is Connected by a causeway from Calangute beach. This secluded island is home to a stretch of pristine natural beaches. You can also enjoy some world-class seafood as well as indulge in water sports here.

Fort Aguada Beach – It’s perfect for beginners who are just learning how to kayak on still water. The place has more experienced paddlers as well who love tackling the waves here.
Candolim Beach – A perfect spot for sea kayaking enthusiasts. Offering calm waters and beautiful views. There are many restaurants nearby that can be visited post-exercise!

Kayak cheap deals?
You can rent a kayak at 500/per hour approx. between 9 am to 3 pm. Bambolim beach is an ideal place to try kayaking.

Cool reef diving into your bucket list

This article is about the best goa cool reef diving. If you are planning a vacation to India, then this article will provide you an insight. Here you’ll get the details about what places to visit in India and what to do while visiting.
Cool reef diving in goa is an excellent experience for anyone who loves scuba diving and loves the ocean. It is a water sports activity and many people travel all over the world every year just so they can enjoy it.

Coral Reef Diving: This one is perfect if you would like to see what they look like underwater! You might even get lucky and see some colorful fish! Coral reef diving also provides an opportunity to explore a wonderful underwater world. And opportunities to meet creatures that look different from what we usually see.

A diving activity giving access to the otherwise inaccessible, vast, and virgin reefs. And with hundreds of sq. km of natural underwater treasures waiting to be explored. These dives are not just exploratory but life-changing too!
you should visit the following places if you are looking for a unique diving experience.
1) Daman and Diu – Kandla Marine National Park.
2) Daman and Diu – Malvan Marine National Park.
3) Daman and Diu – Mandovi Marine National Park.
4) Daman and Diu – Gulf of Kachchh Marine National Park.

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