Some of the best tourist places in Punjab to visit

Some of the best tourist places in Punjab are historical, religious, and other attractive tourist spots which are listed here. Punjab is popularly known for religious diversity. Also called as ‘land of five rivers. With the best of India, Punjab has many tourist spots which are loved as much as compared to other parts of India. They are listed below and waiting to be in your travelogue.

The famous religious sites and historical sites are two important when it comes to know to about and explore the beauty of Punjab. And, the scenic beauty is the major of the state which attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. One of the best ceremony people across the country come to see is Wagah, Hardo Rattan, Punjab. Also, called Wagah Border details are given below with timing and address.

top tourist places in punjab

The best tourist places in Punjab

AmritsarGolden temple’

The temple is on the top of the list, in the religious places and pilgrim sites in Amritsar’s Golden temple. A symbol of equality and brotherhood, this spiritual site of Sikhism welcomes all irrespective of different religions or caste. The Golden temple teaches lessons on humility and egalitarianism.

It is with the uniqueness of the Sikh architecture and the central place of worship for Sikhs. It’s always been on the top of the list of holy places. It has four entrances from all four directions to signify that people from every walk of life are equally welcomed.

The golden temple is also known as Sri Darbar Sahib is named after God Hari. The fifth Nanka Guru Arjan Sahib devised the idea of the golden temple, to be the place to worship. The plan to set up a town was made and first, the construction for Sarovar started in 1570. The whole temple construction was done in 1577 A.D.

What is the time for Wagah border ceremony?

At Wagah Border, the ceremony starts at 4:15 pm in summer, and in winter timing you need to follow is 5:15 pm. The Border has a limited entry, it is suggested to be early.

The nearest airport to Golden temple?

Raja Sansi International Airport is the nearest to the Golden temple Amritsar. From the temple, you can get a cab and it will cover 15 km to reach the destination. The Golden temple welcomes all the devotees and visitors throughout the year, there’s no specific time of the year at which one can strictly follow.

Wagah border

Throughout the ceremony, an infantryman stands at both sides of the gates. The two soldiers one from India and the other from Pakistan approach each other, exchange fierce looks, and mimic anger, then they both shake hands. This follows with lowering both the respective national Flags on either side of the gate simultaneously. From different parts of India people gather to witness these proceedings.
On the Indian side border, a ‘Swarn Jayanti Dwar’ also known as ‘Golden Jubilee Gate’ stands, and from where you can also enjoy the scenic view of Wagah Border.

The nearest airport from Wagah Border at a distance of 36km is Sri Guru Ram Das International airport. And you can also reach through train Attari Railway Station is the nearest. It is 32km away from the Amritsar bus stand or any vehicle one can choose to travel with to reach Wagah Border.

At Wagah Border, the ceremony starts at 4:15 pm in summer, and in winter timing you need to follow is 5:15 pm. The Border has a limited entry, it is suggested to be early.


Wagah, Hardo Rattan, Punjab 143108.

top tourist places in punjab


Chandigarh is the Dream City of Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru. And it is the best-planned city in India offering a quality of life. The architecture of Chandigarh is planned by a French architect Le Corbusier. The best way a person can enjoy a tour of Sukhna Lake is on a lazy boating tour. Also, you can hire a boat for individual rides accordingly in which range goes from RS 50 to 100.

In Chandigarh, Le Corbusier asserted that the Sukhna lake would be the center of pursuits wellness for the locals. Sukhna Lake is also a perfect location for jogging and walking.
A captivating lake and a home for several species of fish, Siberian ducks, and for photographers it’s the best site. Even more, it’s an amazing spot for sports activities like such as rowing, trampoline.

Distance and time
There are no entry charges for Sukhna lake.
The opening timing is 5 am to 9 pm.

Rock Garden

The Rock garden is an exhibition hall that displays sculptures which are designed by former Road Inspector Nek Chand. The sculptures are made from industrial and urban wastes. The garden is divided into three phases where each phase deals with different-different types of installations. And also has interlinked waterfalls made with scraps and other wastage. Mr. Nek Chand here has redefined art from light fixtures, terracotta, and draw from broken toilet pots as well!

Distance and timing
Opens from 9 am to 6 pm and there are only 30rs entry charges for adults and for children its 10rs. From Chandigarh International airport Rock garden is 2 km away.

Government Museum and Art Gallery Chandigarh

One of the best tourist places to visit in Punjab. Chandigarh is a city with true beauty! For all those who love to travel, it is the best to explore. Some of the best tourist places in Chandigarh including the Government Museum and Art gallery, Rock Garden and Rose Garden, and many more to list down. The Government Museum and Art gallery speak of Indian history and partition. The Museum was initiated in 1947 August, with a well-off maintained collection of artifacts, paintings, and sculptures. And this unique museum was designed by Le Corbusier.

The aim is to encourage appreciation of values embedded in the art. The museum basically gives a piece of in-depth information in form of Rajasthani miniature paintings, Pahari, and Gandharan sculptures.

Distance and timings
The opening time of the museum is from 10 am to 4 pm on Tuesday to Sunday. And is closed on Mondays and national holidays.

The entry charge is 10rs per person. And the nearest railway station is Chandigarh train station which is 6 km away from the museum.

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